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Welcome - The Marina District Neighborhood (MDN) Update is a communication effort to identify community topics, events or activities that may affect our neighborhood, city or the larger Des Moines communities.  This Update approach is intended to help create an informed neighborhood and encourage engagement on matters of interest to you, the resident.  This MDN Update will be assembled once a month.  It will be posted on the website and addressed/discussed at the MDN gathering held on the first Monday of each month at the Odd Fellows Hall.  Doors open at 6pm for set up, and the meeting will begin at 6:30pm. 

Operating Concept:

This is an informal meeting of Marina District residents to address topics of interest to the neighborhood.  It is not a community club or non-profit association (no bylaws or officers).  There are MDN residents who are attending that have designated roles.  These include:
- DMMW website maintenance: Bill Bishop and Chris Tollefson
- Citizen Advisory Representative(s): Victoria Andrews and Charlene Bacalzo
- MDN Update Coordination: Bill and Patti Linscott

This gathering is intended to allow free, open and courteous discussions. To encourage this, no video/audio recording is permitted. 

Agendas/Topics: Agendas will be distributed via email by the Wednesday preceding our Monday meeting.  Agenda topics may be proposed from MDN residents to the Des Moines Marina Watch email ( Proposed topics are requested not later than the 20th of the preceding month to allow for the assembly of the final agenda.  

May                                                             September                                                      
June                                                            October
July                                                              November
August                                                        December

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