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On September 27, 2022, Des Moines City Council introduced a new plan for placement of a hotel and parking garage in the Marina’s north parking lot.


Key Features of the City’s Plan:

  • Construction of a 90-room hotel with a 35-foot height

  • Reduction of surface parking in the north Marina lot

  • Construction of parking garage against hillside (150 vehicles

  • Construction of additional retail space adjacent to parking garage

  • Placement of a recreational reflection pond

What This Means to You:

  • Permanent removal of public open space at the water’s edge

  • Loss of an area for community gatherings and events

  • Reduction in parking capacity for the Beach Park and Marina

  • Increased congestion and noise with traffic and commercial activities

Send your opinion to the City Council:


The north parking lot (at the water’s edge) should be developed and preserved for our residents. This is premium City-owned property actively used by our residents for their enjoyment. There can be no better use than that. A hotel with its parking garage removes significant public open space, a feature in high demand with scarce availability. This space should not be removed from the north parking lot of the Marina. There will be far less space available at the Marina for enjoyment of the waterfront, views, fishing pier, Farmers Market, concerts, or other events. Valuable parking spaces complementing these public events, hosted at the Marina and the Beach Park, will be lost and not fully replaced by the proposed parking garage. Placement of a hotel in the Marina at the water’s edge conflicts with the City’s Shoreline Master Program, which has a clear guideline calling for commercial development to take place upland from the Marina. There are several locations better suited for a hotel in the Marina District’s downtown corridor. All would have stunning views, as well as close proximity to a variety of restaurants, the new theater, the future “Post Alley,” and the Marina’s boardwalk, and the Beach Park. This development would impact City emergency management operations and capability. This is the area that ensures access to the City by water, with significant open space for delivery and staging of equipment and materials supporting regional emergency management efforts. The City needs to develop and better plan for development of the Marina uplands. There should be a Master Plan to include the downtown corridor and its linkage to the Marina. Development of that plan should have various options and involve community input. The City should take the time to update, reset, and communicate their plans. For Your Consideration:

Attend City Council Meetings: Times and dates are on the City Council website or watch on the local public service TV channel 21 or online at “City Council: live video”. Let Your Friends and Neighbors Know: Additional information is available on the website

www.desmoinesmarinawatch (Use Google browser) or email

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