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Updated March 31, 2023

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Des Moines Marina Watch website. This website was created to help you, the resident, locate relevant information regarding the City's plans for development of our Marina Uplands. We encourage you to engage with City officials and promote the preservation of the Marina's public open space for everyone in our community to enjoy. The Des Moines Marina is the most noteworthy feature of our City and provides all residents a place for community gatherings and pedestrian recreation. It is a "one of a kind" location where the residents find views of the waterfront and community activities which include fishing, a farmers' market, 4th of July fireworks, Waterland weekend and many other events and public gatherings. Please become informed on the City's proposed plans, and participate in the public comment process to help ensure that the Marina open space is preserved for the benefit of our residents. 


March 2023 Update

As residents, we have an obligation to provide insight, comments and recommendations to our elected officials so they are well positioned to shape the City's plans and make critical decisions that benefit our community for today and tomorrow. Please take the time to join in this process. 

You can view our updated (March, 2023) page on the Background and Chronology of the Marina Development here.

As you know, the Marina Watch group is circulating a Petition to encourage the Des Moines City Council to permanently designate the North Marina Parking as a Park which will protect it from development with large commercial structures that otherwise would adversely impact the view Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains and result in the loss of available parking that serves the Farmers’ Market, the Beach Park and the Public Fishing Pier. If you would like to sign our Petition, find it here and print a copy. After you have gathered signatures on the Petition(s), please return a copy of it by email to:

Please try to return your Petitions by no later than April 10, 2023 and thank you for helping us take the message to our City Council that we value Open Space and want to preserve it for everyone

See the Des Moines Marina website for information regarding the dock replacement and waterside development plans:

You can contact us at:

You can contact and forward your comments to the City Council at:

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